"The Quarantine" EP by Beatnik:  Things are looking up, and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  What better way to celebrate than with an new EP by Beatnik.  Here's "The Quarantine" EP from Beatnik, free to download here.  Enjoy!:

1. Last Dance

2. My Dreams are Just Out Of Reach

3. Slouching Towards Armageddon

4. These Days

New Short Story from Beatnik's Dug:  It's a 2021, and the Trump nightmare is finally over.  Let's celebrate with a free short story by Dug from Beatnik called "Calm Down".  Enjoy!:

 "Calm Down"

Short Story from Beatnik's Dug:  COVID-19 got you down?  Well, here's a little something to brighten your day.  A free short story by Dug from Beatnik ... "When Rabbits Ruled The World".  Enjoy!:

 "When Rabbits Ruled The World"

Beatnik's new CD "The G.O.P.": Check out these three new songs from Beatnik's upcoming new CD.  These catchy songs of resistance will inspire you during these dark days of Donald Trump.  Enjoy!:

1. Makin' Me Mad 

2. Isolation

3. Millenials

"<iframe widt="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/O6jjziDgalE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

New Beatnik CD "The Garden of Peace" featuring "Mein Trumpf": Ecovox recording artists Beatnik are back with the new CD "Garden of Peace", to be released later this summer.  As a special preview, here are three songs from the new CD.  It's a much needed voice of reason for the insane 4 years of Donald Trump's presidency:

1. Mein Trumpf 

2. Shadows and Light

3. Searching for a Subservient Race

Doug Fredericksen's new novel, "Apocalypse", the much anticipated sequel to his thrilling novel "Zombie", is here.   To celebrate its release, Ecovox Records is making the first 5 chapters available to readers now.  Enjoy!
"Apocalypse" by Doug
1.  Chapter One       2.  Chapter Two      3.  Chapter Three     4. Chapter Four     5. Chapter Five

ZOMBIE:  Doug 
Fredericksen's novel, "Zombie"is available now at Amazon.com.  The book is a apocalyptic thriller about the real life zombie ant fungus that exists in the rainforest of Brazil. It's a thrilling read. 

Purchase it from Amazon's Kindle Store here:
Free Songs!!  Ecovox Records is giving away these tasty tunes from Beatnik and The Embotones:

1. Zombie 9" by The Embotones in honor of Doug Fredericksen's book "Zombie"
2. "Huntin' Ground" by  Beatnik
3. "Goin' Home" by The Embotones

4. "Fires are Burning" from Beatnik's "Warming" CD 
5. "VBC" from Beatnik's "Warming" CD
6. "Waiting for the Future, Hoping for Change" by Beatnik
7. "Warming"  from  Beatnik's "Warming" CD
"The Invisible Empire" from Beatnik's "Invisible Empire" CD
"Freedom Falls" by Beatnik
Newsflash:   New Music Videos for Beatnik's "The Invisible Empire" and "Warming": Check out these brand spanking new videos of the Beaknik's tunes "The Invisibile Empire" and "Warming":

Also, Check out these two articles published by Ecovox Records Founder Dug!  

Mr. Green Jeans Had the Right Idea by Dug (published in Official Magazine, July/August 2008  
Waterworld by Dug 

Plus, check out the photos from Dug's trip to Alaska:

Alaska 2008 

Ecovox Records is a Southern California Indie label dedicated to recording and producing political music. It is not enough to merely show up at the polls and slap a bumper sticker on your car.  It is up to the citizens of what once was the noblest country in the world to reform our foreign policy so we can once again take our place as a shining example of a free and democratic society.
The band Beatnik is a sonic folk band that wears its heart on its sleeve and has turned political music into a new art form. The band's six CDs can be purchased for a well-concealed $5 bill for shipping and handling mailed to the Ecovox Records P.O. Box.  

Check the Beatnik website link for details and free downloads.

J.E.D. is a three-piece folk band in the vein of Peter, Paul, and Mary, that records exclusively '60s-era political folk tunes and reworks them into fierce diatribes against the injustices of our current day. 

The Embotones are a retro 50's band that performs old-school guitar music that is guaranteed to razz your berries and put you on Cloud 9... 

Download Beatnik's "Eco" album for free!

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"It's much more interesting hearing the calm anger of Beatnik 
(Viva! Apocalpyse
) as compared to the angst-driven, pissed-off 
whining of more recent anti-Bushers." 

- Skratch Magazine

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